A.A. Anthony Securities Sdn. Bhd. is pleased to bring you CyberTrade, a Bursa Malaysia Online Share Trading Platform that allows you to perform all your share trading activities from the comfort of your home through the internet. Its speed, safety measures, and security are second to none for your peace of mind.
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A.A. Anthony Securities Sdn. Bhd. is committed to complement and value-add to your trading experience with our flagship service, BursaTracker, where we bring you LIVE stock analysis coverage of ALL stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia. Take The Full Tour Of Bursa Tracker by clicking on any of the sliding images on top.

Real Time Candlestick Chart

Technical Analysis Stock Chart

Introducing BursaTracker. . . Live market analysis of ALL stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia.

What is BursaTracker ? And how does it work ?

At the core of BursaTracker is a set of proprietary stock analysis algorithms which combine real-time (live) and historical stock transactional data.

This real-time stock analysis utilizes computers extensively to simplify complex stock market data and provide traders and investors with timely and accurate trading opportunities.

First it looks at how a particular stock “behaves” historically. By analyzing its price and volume dynamics, BursaTracker captures the signatures (patterns) of up and down cycles for each stock.

Price And Volume Action Analysis >> In real-time, transactional (price and volume) data is analyzed again, capturing the pattern of trades being executed during the trading hours of the day.

Both the intra-day and historical cycle signatures are then analyzed, compared and matched to determine the directional movement (up/down) of each stock.

Real Time Trading Opportunities >> BursaTracker facilitates the analysis in real time  for ALL stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia. Every stock is analyzed and ranked as the trading transaction happens.

This value added service keeps you ahead by removing the complexities of stock analysis so that you can focus on the actual trading.

Real Time AAA Stock Analysis – Accurate, Adaptable + Accessible.

The Value Proposition of BursaTracker :

To all investors – BursaTracker’s comprehensive real-time market analysis of all stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia keeps you informed of the status of every stock in your portfolios – whether they are bullish, bearish, and when to buy or sell >>

Whether you are actively trading (the occasional speculator) or a long term investor, BursaTracker generates trading buys (and sells) based on real-time market action, and continues to monitor them for you until it’s time to close the trade.

Whether the market is bullish, bearish or going sideways and whether you already have a pre-determined list of stocks or otherwise, BursaTracker value-adds to your trading/investing experience by keeping you on the right side of the market and bringing you trading/investment opportunities as and when it develops – all in real-time!